“GWARanteed To Make You Laugh” – GWAR: Orgasmageddon #4 By Matt Miner, Matt Maguire And Tom Neely

by Olly MacNamee

Behind the blood, guts and gross-out humour that you’ve come to expect from GWAR and everything they do, there is somewhat of a tribute to band member, Oderus Urungus, too. In real life, Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus himself) sadly passed away on March 23rd of this year and to build his passing into the GWAR mythos in a suitably horrendous and hyperbolic ending as is fitting for someone who gave so much to the band over the years. It is Oderus’s death that the remaining GWAR members seek to revenge as they hunt down Mr Perfect while continuing to shift the sands of time–well, kick them into your face, more like–and continue to cause mayhem throughout history.
While they’ve lost artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Tom Neely and Matt Maguire are more than capable fill-ins and this is no better evidenced than in a series of frenetic, anarchic double page spreads that span a large part of this final explosive issue and illustrate the battle of GWAR vs Mr Perfect, while taking the odd potshot at President Trump and the recent Russian rendezvous resulting in some rather unsavoury and unhygenic showering habits. Each double pager is a smorgasbord of references you’ll mostly get, with some being rather contemporary as you may well be able to make out on the example below.

The dumb-ass duo of Matt Miner and Matt Maguire once again fill each page with the kind of humour you either love or hate. I suppose it’s all a question of whether you get GWAR or not. And, as a fan for over two decades (and counting) I most certainly sit in the GWAR camp. Or is that squat and poop everywhere?
It’s also a clever end to this series, which encourages fans of the comic to follow GWAR’s exploits on their new long player, The Blood of Gods, which has just been released this past week. It’s a clever marketing tie-in and one could even see, in the future, even better synergy and a graphic novel coming WITH future releases rather than as a lead up, which I did not know this iris was going to be.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and all it’s nudge-nudge, wink-winks that it’s made to the knowing readership. But then, as a UK based comic book reader I’ve been brought up on a diet of British comic that have themselves often been over-the-top, gross and gooey for all the right reasons. That, and seeing GWAR too often now to the point that I couldn’t be offended even if I tried.
Add to this another handful of ‘zine-like strips focusing on other members of GWAR and you have a rather meaty read and a proper rock and roll kinda comic that still feels a bit DIY at times. Which isn’t a bad thing but rather a throwback to a scene that has since faded somewhat due to technological advancements, meaning even the pinkies of blogs can now look homogenous and designed to within an inch of it’s life. I like the aesthetics of this comic, but then that may well be me showing my age and wistfully looking over my shoulder to a hardcore scene that’s more snotty and more visceral. Something GWAR still embody, as does this comic.
Regardless whether you like GWAR or not, you may well like the kind of humour Miner, Maguire et. al. have offered up over the past few months. Family Guy, but turned up to 11. GWARanteed to make you laugh!

GWAR: Orgasmageddon#4 is out now from Dynamite Comics

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