Hellboy Reboot Adds Sophie Okonedo And More To Growing Cast

by Erik Amaya


The Hellboy reboots continues to expand its cast with three more actors.
Deadline reports Sophie Okonedo — whom you may remember as Liz X from an early Matt Smith Doctor Who adventure, but also received and Oscar nomination for her work in Hotel Rwanda — will play Lady Hatton, a “resident seer at the Osiris Club.” The club is an informal British version of the BPRD, investigating supernatural mysteries for their own ends. Alistair Petrie will play Lord Adam Glaren, described as a “high ranking” member of the Osiris Club. Of course, it’s unclear how crucial their presence will be to the plot of Nimue, the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich), but one person likely connected to her story is actor Brian Gleeson, who will play Merlin.
Curiously, Deadline refers to Merlin as simply “a wizard” and not the wizard of Arthurian legend. In that complicated mythology, Merlin and Nimue have a long history. It’s been some time since I read the Hellboy stories centering on Nimue, so I can’t recall for certain how much of her past with Merlin motivates her actions. In fact, I can’t recall if Merlin appears in more than a flashback to the days when rock and stream were young and death was but a dream. Maybe Deadline is correct and he is simply a wizard going by a name he should not be using.
Which would also be an interesting idea for a Hellboy tale.
Okonedo, Petrie and Gleeson join new Hellboy David Harbour, Jovovich, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim and Penelope Mitchell.
Hellboy is set for release 2018.

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