Mike Diva Creates A Pop-Culture Wonderland

by Tito W. James

Mike Diva is a visionary director  and a Youtube content creator. Mike’s visual influences come from gaming, anime, comics, and 90’s commercials.

Mike’s body of comedic work has opened doors so that he has been commissioned to do real commercials and PSAs but still with his high-fructose art direction.

Using Fidget Spinners like Yu-Gi-Oh cards might actually become a thing.

A horror short film just in time for Halloween.

Mike’s pop-culture wonderland makes an excellent setting for a music video.

Grrl Scouts has a tie-in comic series published by Image Comics. This short film is a testament to what Mike can do as a director. Ilya Naishuller created a feature film out of a music video and I’d like to see Mike do a full movie. If producers are looking for a director to adapt an anime for a live action film look no further than Mike Diva.

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