Bring Your Own Chocolate Milk To The 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Party At Desert Island

by Hannah Means Shannon

Next Wednesday, October 25th, at Desert Island comic shop in Brooklyn, New York, you can witness an historic occasion celebrating the release of the trade paperback edition of 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, published by Black Mask Studios, and 4 years in the making.
Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Tyler Boss will be in attendance over the grand proceedings. You are encouraged to bring your own chocolate milk, though, since Rosenberg makes no promises to share.
The event will run from 7PM to 9PM.

The creators say:

Matthew and Tyler will be at Desert Island this Wednesday for the release of the 4 Kids Walk into a Bank complete collection. Come by and get a copy of the book, drink some free beer (or chocolate milk), and hang out. What else do have to do honestly?

Find out more on their events page right here.

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