Stephen Amell Says The New Arrow Status Quo Will Remain For Some Time

by Erik Amaya


Yesterday, I mentioned my hope that the new status quo on Arrow will remain for more than one episode. Under that hope is, of course, the fear that a bold choice like this (or on any long-running shows) will get reversed by the end of the next episode. I think that’s a legitimate fear. On Arrow, for example, the apparent death of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) in season four was quickly reversed. See also Barry’s imprisonment in the Speed Force — and Wally’s, for that matter — over on The Flash, or just about anytime someone “leaves” the team on Legends of Tomorrow.
So, naturally, there is some doubt that the arrangement Ollie and Diggle have come up with will remain in place for very long. But star Stephen Amell says he will be out of the suit for some time to come. “He’s out. He’s totally out,” the star told Entertainment Weekly. But just as quickly, he mentioned an upcoming episode in which Oliver suits up one more time. But, the actor noted, “it’s not in the capacity that people would expect him to.” Instead of running the team, he will continue to build his relationship with son William and rebuild his relationship with Felicity.
Of course, Amell also admitted that “our show is the show” and that should Ollie take back the suit on a permanent basis, it won’t necessarily mean the return of the old status quo. I genuinely hope he’s telling the truth and Diggle’s tenure as Green Arrow persists through the mid-season break. It’s a fresh thing for the show to do and a welcome change.
Arrow airs Thursdays on The CW.

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