Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB) Is Nigh – Celebrate Comics On November 11th

by Hannah Means Shannon

Coming up fast is this year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn festival, otherwise known as CAB. Mark your calendars for November 11th, if you haven’t already, and get yourself to Brooklyn for some fine comics browsing and chats with creators.
The event has changed location this year to the Pratt Institute, and is touting a solid list of favorite exhibitors and creators.
Special guests will be JULES FEIFFER, EMIL FERRIS, and CHRIS WARE.

CAB have posted this map, which helps you find the correct locations for the show:

Wait, you’d like a full list of exhibitors? We’ve got that:
A. T. Pratt
Aaron Lange
abby jame
Aimee Pong
Alabaster Pizzo
Alden Viguilla
Alexander Laird
Alexis Beauclair
Alyssa Berg
Amanda Chung
An Nguyen
Annie Mok
Asuka Ohsawa
Beehive Books
Bergen Street Press
Big Planet Comics
Bill Wehmann
Birdcage Bottom Books
Björn Daniel Miner
Bob’s Comix and Zines
Breakdown Press
Bred Press
C.M. Duffy
Caitlin Keegan
Carmen Pizarro
Cathy G. Johnson
Char Esme
Chloë Perkis
Chris Kindred
Clown Kisses Press
Coin-Op Books
Cold Cube Press
Colleen Tighe
Colour Code
Comics Workbook
Connor McCann
Conor Stechschulte
Conundrum Press
Courtney Menard
Czap Books
Dalbert B. Vilarino
Dave Ortega
Desert Island
Deth P. Sun
Dirty Diamonds
Doggy D’s
Domino Books
Drew Shields
Emil Ferris
Eric Kostiuk Williams
Estrella Vega
Ethan Rilly
Evan M. Cohen
Fanfare Presents
FORGE. Art Magazine
Frank Santoro
Gary Leib
Gina Wynbrandt
Ginette Lapalme
Grab Bag Club
Greg Kletsel
Guillaume Chauchat
Hannah K. Lee
Hannah Xenakis
Harmony Becker
Heather Benjamin
Hic & Hoc Publications
Hidden Fortress Press
Holly Kwon
Ian Densford
Illogical Comics
Jason Roy
Jen Tong
Jenn Woodall
Jennifer Xiao
Jensine Eckwall
Jessica Campbell
Jim Campbell
Joanna Fields
Joe Garber
Joe Koch
John F. Malta
John Pham
Johnny Sampson
Jonathan Baylis
Jordan Jeffries
Josh Freydkis
Karina Shor
Karl Stevens
Kelly Phillips
Kelsey Short
Kelsey Wroten
Kendra Yee
Kevin Hooyman
Kevin Scalzo
Kilgore Books & Comics
Killer Acid
Koren Shadmi
Krusty Wheatfield
Lale Westvind
Lauren Poor
Lily Padula
Locust Moon Press
Louise Reimer
Mar Julia
Marcellus Hall
Maritsa Patrinos
Mark Wang
Marnie Galloway
Matt Crabe
Matt Leines
Max Pepper
Mega Press
Michelle Kwon
Miguel Pang Li
Mike Centeno
Mike Freiheit
Mike Shea
Minnie Phan
MJ Steele
Most Ancient
Natalie Andrewson
Negative Pleasure Publications
Neoglyphic Media
Ness Lee
New York is For Sale
New York Review Comics
Nicholas Offerman
Nicole Rifkin
Nick Norman
Noel Freibert
One Off
One Percent Press
Pam Wishbow
Panayiotis Terzis
Paradise Systems
Pat Palermo
Patrick Kyle
Paul Hoppe
Peach Soup
Pegacorn Press
Perfectly Acceptable Press
Phil McAndrew
Pie Club
Press Gang
Pyrite Press
R. Sikoryak
Retrofit Comics
Revival House Press
Richie Pope
Robin Enrico
Rodger Binyone
Ross Jackson
Sabin Cauldron
Sarah Lammer
Scott Carr
Scott Eder Gallery
Secret Ares
Secret Headquarters
Silver Sprocket
Siobhan Gallagher
Snail Farm
So Buttons Comix
So What? Press
Sophie Goldstein
Static Fish
Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephen Bolling
Tim Hamilton
Tim Peacock
Tiny Splendor
Trash Daddies
Vinnie Neuberg
Weakly Comics
Whit Taylor
Wizard Skull
Worser Beings
Youth in Decline
Z2 Comics

That is quite a list and spells lots of fun. See you there? will be trying not to spend all our money on minicomics.
Check in on the event’s Facebook Page right here.

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