Anomaly: The Rubicon – The Sci-Fi Graphic Novel And Virtual Reality Experience

by Hannah Means Shannon

Anomaly began as a graphic novel published in 2012, and when it appeared it was unusual for its size, format, and presentation, as well as its release at the same time as an app that used Augmented Reality (AR) to create an interactive reader experience for readers. It was a critical success for its horizontal format, fully painted artwork and its innovation.

This Autumn, Anomaly Productions has released the sequel to the original book by co-creators Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin in Anomaly: The Rubicon. You may have seen it arrive in comic shops in late September, but now it’s also hitting bookstores on  November 15, 2017.
The new book continues the storyline established in its preceding volume, but also acts as a standalone volume. It’s replete with the same AR capability as the former work, which you’ll be able to access through a free app downloaded to a smart phone or tablet.
You’ll be able to view interactive images, bonus scenes and explore the wider Anomaly universe with a digital appendix/encyclopedia. The graphic novel will also have additional content “post publication”, according to the publisher, including “new scenes, new developments, “making of” demos, even reader contests”.
It is an imposing book, at 15 inches by 10 inches, and 264 pages in length, containing a  “futuristic epic of adventure, discovery and what it means to be human in a world dominated by technology and bureaucracy”.
Here’s an extensive look at the interior art on Anomaly: The Rubicon.

For more about Anomaly: Rubicon and its VR experience, visit
The book and downloadable app retails at $49.99 for the regular edition and $99.99 for a special boxed collector’s edition arriving in November 2018.

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