Amerikarate: Volume 2 Dropkicks Into Comic Shops This December

by James Ferguson

I love a lot of comics, but few bring a smile to my face more than Amerikarate. The insane action-adventure series from Action Lab: Danger Zone is like a dropkick to the face full of insanity. The second volume, U.S. A.C.T.I.O.N. Force collects the latest story arc and will be released in December.

Amerikarate is written by Brockton McKinney and Corey Kalman and illustrated by Daniel Arruda Massa. It follows Sam Kickwell and Cynthia Weaver who are ready to kick all kinds of butts in the name of justice. It’s a love letter to 1980’s action movies seen through the lens of Adult Swim.
I was going to try to describe this story arc, but Action Lab: Danger Zone did such a great job of it that it would be a crime not to run this:

Stop! Don’t read another word until you read AMERIKARATE! Wait! Actually, keep reading just a little more! If you’re sick of the same old superhero nonsense, why not try a book that has literally everything else?! Robots? Check! Karate-robots? Done! Robots that have sex? Yes, twice! A devil robot that’s also a kung-fu robot? Your eyeballs are correct! AMERIKARATE has all that– PLUS regular old normal robots! Drop the spider-boys and bat-masters and get with the only comic book that looks at the comic book industry and says “needs more robots!”

Writer Brockton McKinney says:

I knew dreams really did come true when I heard that John Rambo reads Amerikarate! It’s hard-kicking karate fun, with a sexy taste of sex-action!

Amerikarate: Volume 2 will be available at comic shops on December 27th, 2017. It can be pre-ordered with the Diamond item code OCT171050.

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