Another Sci-Fi/Fantasy With Designer Toy Roots – Dissonance From Top Cow In January

by Hannah Means Shannon

In a continuing relationship with Glitch, a designer toy company, which resulted in their current series God Complex, Top Cow will be expanding on this direction by releasing new title Dissonance in January.
Designer Melita Curphy and writer Singgih Nugroho team up with artist Sami Basri (Power Girl, Witchblade) for the “sci-fi/fantasy drama” that originated in cosplay and toy design.

Curphy says:

I am thrilled to see this world unfold thanks to Singgih, and my designs taken to new heights in the capable hands of Sami! Seraphim started out as a superhero helmet I made for myself years ago, and the folks at Glitch have made that come to life as an action figure and now a comic book. As a toy/comic fan for 30+ years, this is a dream come true!

This story takes place in an alternate world where Earth is populated with “powerful human-spirit hybrids” called Fantasmen. Folke and Roisia Herviett are two siblings who are challenged to take up their parents’ former positions in a “devious group that secretly runs the world”. Meanwhile a Fantasmen warrior guard called Seraphim is sent to prevent a “catastrophic event” from affecting the Earth.
Basri comments,

When I was shown Murphy’s designs for this comic, I was blown away. I love fantastic creatures, but my previous projects didn’t really involve much of them as a subject, so I was really happy at the chance to do DISSONANCE. Being given the liberty to help visually develop a totally new fantasy world, with an edgy script accompanying—it’s a fantastic feeling.

Dissonance #1 (Diamond code: NOV170644) will arrive in comic shops Wednesday, January 10th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, December 18th.

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