Deconstructing Comics #575: Helioscope’s Karl Kesel and Dylan Meconis

by Hannah Means Shannon welcomes back the podcast Deconstructing Comics, this week visiting Helioscope, a studio in Portland, Oregon, to talk to some of its comics-creating members:

This week we begin our visit with the creators at Helioscope, a comics studio in Portland, Oregon!
Karl Kesel has been in mainstream comics for 30 years and has worked on some of the most popular characters from the Big Two. How has the industry changed in that time, for good and bad? Why is his fingernail always broken? How is inking therapeutic for him?
Then graphic novelist Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!: A Vampire Farce; Family Man; Outfoxed) gives us a lot of thoughts and tips for promoting a comic online, as well as why foxes are thought of as tricksters in numerous cultures, and how we’ll know when comics have really “arrived”.
Listen up below!

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