This Is How Many Tissues I Used During Season 2 Ep. 5 Of This Is Us

by Christine Marie Attardo

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m not counting every single tissue I use during the ever-so-popular drama This Is Us on NBC. Here on, I use tissues as a way to rate the show due to its major emotional factor. So far, the ratings have been high and well…I’m here to report that it looks like it’s going to stay that way. Just when I thought the show might lose a bit of it’s stamina, I was proved wrong with a major plot twist…

This week’s episode was titled, “Brothers.” While the episode presented itself with a simple beginning that you think would sum it all up, the roots ran much deeper. (Read the details here.)

The episode managed to cover two sets of brothers: Kevin and Randall, as both children and adults, and Jack…surprise! He has a brother, Nicky. It’s no surprise that Kevin and Randall didn’t get along as children, and we got to see a bit more of that this week. In adult life, Randall is dealing with his new foster-daughter which involves a whole slew of issues. Kevin is dealing with his addiction to pain killers. Serious stuff, right?
As for Jack and Nicky, things are much different. While we see Jack’s alcoholic father driving to a camp site, there’s hope for a nice set of scenes. However, what we get is a scene that features childhood Jack “alone” in the car waiting for his father, who has just set up shop on a barstool with a couple of beers. The big shock comes at the end of the episode where we are brought back to that scene and a child wakes up in the backseat…Jack’s brother Nicky. We then see adult Jack looking at a picture of the two of them in Vietnam.
I gasped at the twist and still feel quite curious about what it all means. How will it unfold? Is Nicky dead? How did he die? Does Rebecca know that Jack had/has a brother? I hope we find out soon, because my anticipation is high! All in all, I found the episode to be five out of five tissues, my friends. The show took the theme of brotherhood and once again gave us a touching, heartfelt story. I feel that anyone could have picked up and watched that episode without having seen other episodes, and experience the emotional depth amongst these characters.
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