Checking Out Boom’s Halloween Comicfest Comic: ‘Some En-Haunted Evening’

by Rachel Bellwoar

Boom! Box’s Some En-Haunted Evening 2017

Written by Liz Prince (Coady and the Creepies)
Illustrated by Kat Leyh (Lumberjanes)
Colors by Sarah Stern
Letters by Jim Campbell

No matter what, free comics are free comics, and Halloween Comicfest, which took place this past weekend at participating comic shops, had some great offerings this year. Where some publishers offered a free issue from one of their popular series, it’s always special to see a comic made specifically for the occasion. This is what Boom! Studios contributed with “Some En-haunted Evening,” a crossover event between characters of their Boom! Box imprint titles: Misfit City, Goldie Vance, Hi-Fi Fight Club, Lumberjanes, Giant Days, Coady and the Creepies, and Slam!.
No knowledge of Boom!’s comics are needed to enjoy this special one-shot, but some may be necessary to appreciate how writer, Liz Prince, goes about bringing these characters together. Instead of coming up with a reason everyone would meet, the story is set in the Lumberjanes universe.
[*Warning! Spoilers for “Some En-haunted Evening” below!]
The campers have been invited to a murder mystery party, one of those dinners where you solve a fake crime in between courses, and, because everyone’s dressed as they usually appear in their respective comics, you don’t suspect anything at first. Halloween’s the one holiday where this doesn’t pan out, however, and the characters we thought we recognized are actually characters we’ve never seen, in costume as the ones we know and love!

The way this is foreshadowed, with the party invitation in the first panel, is well-embedded so you don’t catch on but can see the set-up later, and the singling out of characters, interrogation style, in Kat Leyh’s art, sells the investigation while also doing a good job of introducing them to new readers. If you’re looking for a place to start reading Boom! afterwards, I highly recommend  High-Fi Fight Club, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.
Managing to fit in a positive message about not shaming people for feeling scared, ‘Some En-haunted Evening’ celebrates Boom!’s fantastic, all-ages line-up while also providing the Halloween thrills a Halloween Comicfest issue should.
FREE this at your local participating comic book store.
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