Something Lurking In The Ancient Woodland – Hallows Fell From Thom Burgess And Izzy Stanic

by Hannah Means Shannon

Writer Thom Burgess and artist Izzy Stanic have released a new horror comic just in time for Halloween. Hallows Fell is set in the English countryside and is a supernatural tale of something lurking in the “ancient woodland” where businessman Simon encounters it while journeying home to his fiance.

Burgess has previously worked on Malevolents – Click Click and The Eyrie, and like The Eyrie, Hallows Fell is a “Folk Horror” tale with modern elements.
We have a preview of the comic here for you today to bring the spooky to your Halloween preparations:

Hallows Fell is currently available from and you can find Burgess and the comic on Twitter and Facebook, too:

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