To The Upside-Down: 5 Thoughts On Stranger Things Season 2

by Christine Marie Attardo

If you’re like me, you couldn’t wait to binge Stranger Things season 2 this past weekend! I spent three days in the upside-down watching all nine episodes, and it felt so good. Now, left with no more episodes to watch, I’ve come up with a few thoughts on the season. Take a look…

One: Eleven love forever. This season, we watched her go through a rough time as she was pent up in a cabin with a mostly-absentee Hopper. Even with that time in solitude, viewers got to witness a lot of character growth within her. I found her relationship/friendship with Hopper to be endearing and entertaining. Even when they were fighting, it was clear how much they cared about each other in a Father/Daughter type of way. I loved watching her grow into her strength.

Two: With that said, I did not like the brief time she spent with this group…

While the characters were quirky and served a purpose, it was clear El didn’t fit in there. Perhaps that was the writer’s intentions, but I just found them to be unimpressive. El having a sister who could expand the horizons of her power was a good thing, but that’s about it.
Three: Will’s “possession” scenes were the worst, and by worst…I mean awesome and terrifying! I found Will’s entire storyline, which is really the central plot, to be awesome. It was impossible to stop watching and when I had to. It was painful. We get to experience his character being connected to this hive-mind monster, which means whatever happens to these monsters, affects him. Yeah…painful stuff!

Four: Dear, Bob. Rest in peace. Maybe you still haven’t figured out who good old Bob is played by, but I’m here to spoil that for you. Recognize him for his love of PO-TA-TOES? Yep, that’s the actor that played Samwise (Sean Astin) in Lord of the Rings. Now, while I mentioned how the group of quirky characters above didn’t do it for me, I can’t say I felt the same about Bob. First appearing as a clingy new boyfriend to Joyce, he soon turned out to be quite the hero! I was really sad to see him get eaten by a group of Demogorgon, but he did save the day. Good job, Samwise/Bob.

Five: The big unnamed mother of the Demogorgon army is unbelievably scary…

Yeah, so we know that this giant monster is still alive in the Upside-Down and that leaves me incredibly unsettled for what’s to come. Will Season 3 focus more on taking down this giant monster? After all, I’m thinking it’s not too happy about how things turned out this season.
What do you think? Share your favorite moments or thoughts on Stranger Things Season 2 with us on Twitter. Season 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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