Graphic Subversions: Comics Performed Live In NYC On November 6th

by Hannah Means Shannon

A live comic event is coming up in New York City next Monday, November 6th, that you’ll not want to miss. Bringing out a host of comic creators to present their work, this is going to be one hell of a comics celebration, all taking  place in a cool venue–KGB Bar, with no cover fee.

Who’s in the lineup? Check out the following list:
**Rob Kutner (writer, CONAN show; writer SHRINKAGE comedic scifi graphic novel
**Dean Haspiel: (comics creator: The Red Hook, Billy Dogma, War Cry; comics collaborator: Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, Jonathan Ames’ The Alcoholic; playwright: Harakiri Kane – a new existential noir play by Dean Haspiel –
**Official: STOYA: (pornographer, writer (,
**Annie Nocenti: (comics writer, filmmaker, journalist
**Jeff Newelt:(comics editor (Pekar Project, HEEB Magazine, PR/social media macher
**Marguerite Dabaie (comics creator, illustrator
**Sara Woolley (comics creator, illustrator,

The event is also co-hosted by Forbidden Planet NYC & JahFurry (aka Jeff Newelt).

The event runs from 8pm to 11pm, and don’t be late! Those comics won’t wait.
Find out more on the event’s Facebook Page here.

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