Billy Bob Thornton And His Band Star In A Graphic Novel From Source Point

by Hannah Means Shannon

If that sounds like a strange headline, remember that lately there’s been a lot of crossover between music–and musicians–and comics.
You read it right. Billy Bob Thornton is the frontman in a California-based band “The Boxmasters” and a graphic novel called The Boxmasters Vol. 1: A Twisted Tale Through Time
features the band getting caught up in a “science fiction adventure”.

Source Point Press explain:
Rockabilly band The Boxmasters, led by frontman Billy Bob “Bud” Thornton, have announced that a graphic novel from Source Point Press starring their band will be hitting store shelves August 16th. A limited-edition art print of the graphic novel’s cover, signed by the band and numbered 1 – 100, will be available on their “Tea Surfing” Tour, which kicked off April 17th in Huntsville, AL.
The Boxmasters, a California country rock, and rockabilly band is comprised of award-winning actor Billy Bob “Bud” Thornton on vocals and drums, J.D. Andrew on guitar, bass, and backup vocals, and Teddy Andreadis on keyboards. The graphic novel, titled The Boxmasters Vol. 1: A Twisted Tale Through Time, is written by Garrett Gunn (The Fear Diaries, Go West, Vessels), and features the band getting caught up in a science fiction adventure they never saw coming! 
The book is 56 pages and only $6.99, so quite a reasonable novella price point for readers. You can find out more about it, and order it here.

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