Have You Any Fear? Check Out A LINE Webtoons Horror Comic For Free

by Hannah Means Shannon

Every Friday, a new installment of an anthology comic on LINE Webtoons goes live exploring horror explicitly inspired by children’s nursery rhymes. Like all LINE Webtoons comics, they can be read for free.
The official description of Have You Any Fear? reads: “Explore the sinister nature of classic children’s nursery rhymes with this collection of original stories”.
Launching its ninth chapter today, some of the rhymes previously explored include “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, “Ring Around the Rosie”, and “Pop! Goes the Weasel”, just to name a few.
We all know nursery rhymes are creepy, and often have creepy histories behind their inception, but these comics take things to a whole new level. And, to be warned, the comic series comes with a parental advisory, so it’s not for kiddies.
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” caught my attention because it’s written and drawn by indie creator Eryk Donovan, and lettered and colored by Fred C. Stresing and Meg Casey. You’ll see Donovan’s work on Black Mask Studios’ Quantum Teens are Go, and on Boom! Studios Eugenic.
His versatile style seems particularly well suited to mood pieces like this.

“Black Sheep” follows a drug dealer through a current or near-future nighttime city as he samples his own wares and begins to have haunting visions.

Yeah, take a gander at that image above and try to sleep tonight!
Check out this comic–it’s bound to impress.

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