Hugo Pratt’s The Man From The Great North Gets English Language Edition At IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Out in book stores and online November 21st, but available in specialty comic book stores now, award winning writer Hugo Pratt’s The Man From The Great North gets an English translation and additional extras too. This new release will also come with storyboards Pratt produced for a live action film, as well as the beginnings of a second story featuring his hero, Jesuit Joe, which is sadly unfinished.

Set in the snowy wastelands of Canada around 1912, this provocative story deals with complex moral choices. Jesuit Joe, the protagonist, is of French-Canadian and Mohawk descent and is embarked on an obsessive religious search for the Absolute. His actions reflect a disturbed personality with an unorthodox ethical code. He kills with terrible ease and reveals an unmatched cruelty and ferocity, yet when his mood suddenly shifts, he is capable of unexpected acts of kindness and compassion.
He wears the red serge jacket of the Canadian Mounties that he found in a hut—which gives rise to a series of misunderstandings when he is mistaken for a member of the Canadian Mounted Police—and is tracked by his nemesis, Sergeant Fox, whose mission is to capture Jesuit Joe and bring him to justice.

And, you can read a preview online here.
The Man From The Great North is out now from IDW priced at $24.99.

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