Tegan And Sara Help The Archies Through A Major Crisis In February

by Hannah Means Shannon

Archie Comics’ new ongoing series The Archies is set to guest star real-life rock groups as Riverdale’s up and coming band attempt to take the music scene by storm. CHVRCHES were previously announced as featured guests coming up in the series, but we can expect many more.

Archie Comics have now announced Tegan and Sara as guests in issue #5, which will arrive in February.

Archie Comics teases:
After a major meltdown leads to one of their one quitting the band, The Archies will turn to indie pop sirens Tegan and Sara to help them get through a major crisis! Will things get patched up in time for their next show or has The Archies’ tour gone kaput?
In the series co-written by Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg, with art by Joe Eisma, and colors by Matt Herms, The Archies have as much to learn about staying friends under pressure as being in a band.
Alex Segura says:

I love the mix of acts we’ve gotten to jam with the Archies, and Tegan and Sara are no exception. The fun part about writing this series is that the groups coming in get to meet the Archies at different points in their musical journey, and this issue will find the Archies at a major crossroads – one that might change the makeup of the band forever.

Joe Eisma adds:

Of the bands we’ve featured thus far, I’ve been a fan of Tegan and Sara the longest, and I think their team up with The Archies will make for some exciting comics. I’m looking forward to drawing this super talented and stylish band!

The fifth issue of The Archies debuts in comic shops and on digital platforms on February 21st, 2018 and features covers by Greg Smallwood, Joe Eisma, and Thomas Pitilli:

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