Trump Goes Missing And Kim Jong Un Becomes US President In UnPresidential

by Hannah Means Shannon

In what is certainly a daring, but as certainly a thought provoking book for our times, arriving in this month that is the anniversary of our presidential election, graphic novel UnPresidential delivers political and social satire from Man Vs. Rock.

It’s quite possible that a book where Kim Jong Un runs for president of the United States and wins will prove controversial, but comics have always been a home for satire, and co-writers Kevin Bieber and Victor Reynolds are working with artist Jeremy Labib to deliver a South Park-toned “takedown of all parties”.

Some of the figures who appear in the work are Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Kathy Griffin, Bono, Edward Snowden, Nate Silver, and many more.

The book promises that “no one is safe from UnPresidential’s spray of satire”, and in solidly ironical vein, it is being printed in Korea, published by Man vs. Rock, and distributed by  Z2 Comics.

Kevin Bieber explains:

UnPresidential is the book for everyone who buys Hillary Clinton’s What Happened, but doesn’t have time to read it. It’s the perfect book for everyone who wants to read a thoughtful and insightful look at the future of our political system but ends up channel surfing 1980’s action movies instead.

The book itself plays out during a time when President Trump has mysteriously disappeared, and the USA has to hold a special election to replace him. Due to a loophole in the constitution, Kim Jong Un takes the country by storm as a “man of action” and wins the election.

Victor Reynolds adds:

The book is still weeks from publication, and already One Million Moms won’t return our calls. We know if they just give this book a chance, they will be offended. Whether you were with her or wanted him to build a wall, UnPresidential will make your jaw drop.

Here’s’s special preview of this incendiary new work:
Look out for UnPresidential in shops on November 21st, 2017 on the anniversary of last year’s election.

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