Humanoids Hires Fabrice Sapolsky As Senior Editor, Teases New Line

by Hannah Means Shannon

Well, Fabrice Sapolsky was almost a columnist for, at least that was the plan, but life has a way of surprising you. Sadly, we’ll miss him as a columnist, but happily he’s joined the team at Humanoids as a Senior Editor, and we wish him all the best.
I’ve personally always found Humanoids to be an engaging publisher bringing very interesting European comics to the English-speaking market. Sapolsky brings over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry to Humanoids and he’s going to be furthering their current mission to expand the Humanoids universe, as well as a “soon-to-be announced” imprint.
In France, Sapolsky created Comic Box, a magazine about American comic books, as well as worked with manyEuropean comic book publishers in various capacities.  He’s the co-creator of Spider-Man Noir for Marvel Comics, which he co-wrote, and has published two creator-owned comic book series, One-Hit Wonder (Image Comics) and Intertwined (Dynamite Entertainment).
After moving from Paris to New York in 2015, he’s now made the move to LA to work out of Humanoids’ West Coast office.
Sapolsky says:

I’m beyond thrilled to be at Humanoids! As an editor, but also a creator, working for a publisher founded by comic book legends such as Mœbius and Druillet means a lot to me. Humanoids is a huge deal internationally. I’m confident it’s going to be the next big thing in American comics in the next couple of years.

Alex Donoghue, Humanoids’ COO and editor adds:

We’re very excited to have Fabrice join Humanoids’ growing team, bringing with him a trove of experience skills, and ideas that are complementary to our publishing objectives.

 We look forward to hearing more news from Humanoids about this new line of comics, and expect Sapolsky to make sure readers get some thrilling new works to enjoy.

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