The Next Three Episodes of This Is Us Will Focus On The Big Three

by Christine Marie Attardo

Fans of This is Us are dying to know how season two will continue to unfold. A few weeks ago, we got to experience what our three main characters were up to in 2008. The episode made me realize just how much I didn’t know about these characters and what had taken place throughout their lives. Because of the shows enticing format, we get bits and pieces of the past mixed with present day. Now, it looks like some of the holes will be filled in.
For the next three episodes, This is Us will focus on each Pearson child, starting with Kevin.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, shared this to go along with the new episodes:

I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. I feel very connected to the mother and father in the show because we have experienced a lot of their past and how they evolved. I think the next three episodes will allow a wider span of viewers to feel the same way about the Big Three. I’m incredibly curious to find out what happened with Kevin.
What do you think? Who are you most excited to see grow up? This is Us airs on NBC on Tuesdays and on Hulu the following day.

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