Tyler Crook Illustrates The Brain’s Response To Trauma In One Page

by Hannah Means Shannon

Mr. Tyler Crook is one of the most impressive comic artists working today, at ease with ink, watercolor, and the fabulously strange world of Harrow County, the series he co-created with Cullen Bunn at Dark Horse Comics.
A new issue of Harrow County came out last week and blew my mind, and I’ve been reading it through its many story arcs. That duo have a handle on keeping a story about witches, demi-gods, and southern rural areas fresh month by month.
But Crook is also a great figure to follow on social media since he puts up alarmingly beautiful time-lapse videos of his artwork in process, and also tends to say very wise things.
Recently, he combined those two qualities by creating a one-page comic about how he feels the human mind processes trauma. What kind of trauma the comic can refer to is up to you to interpret, whether it be personal, cultural, national, or the like.
Here’s that comic posted on Twitter:

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