First Rampage Trailer Is Unreal

by Erik Amaya

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first trailer for Rampage and it is unreal. It starts as a tender story of a primatologist (Dwayne Johnson) whose bond with a gorilla named George (heh) is stronger than his relationships to other humans. But when George encounters a gas-emitting device, he grows into a giant, uncontrollable monster. Soon, the primatologist finds himself assisting a government effort to contain George, a giant wolf and a giant lizard suffering effects from the same gas George encountered.
It’s all rather ridiculous, but I think the trailer is aware of that. Jeffrey Dean Morgan certainly knows what movie he’s in. Take a look and see if you think Rampage is striking the right tone.

I mean, it looks like its making fun of the super-serious disaster movies of the last 15 years. Then again, it could just be the trailer editor having a laugh. At the moment, Rampage looks more fun than it has any right to be.
Will it finally break the video game movie curse? Find out on April 20th, when it arrives in theaters.

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