James Franco To Become The Multiple Man For Fox

by Erik Amaya


Jamie Madrox will be the next mutant to get his own spotlight film.
Deadline reports Wonder Woman screenwriter Allan Heinberg and producer Simon Kinberg are developing The Multiple Man for 20th Century Fox. The Disaster Artist director and star James Franco is said to be interested in playing the beloved character.
Created by Len Wein in 1975, the character came to prominence during writer Peter David’s run on X-Factor in the 1990s. Born with ability to duplicate himself, Jamie used a special suit designed by Professor Xavier to control his powers. Jamie grew up on a quiet farm until his parents were killed during a suspicious tornado incident. He went on the run, only returning the superhero community when his suit was damaged beyond easy repair. While joining X-Factor for a time, he decided to go along and start a detective agency. Eventually, that group adopted the “X-Factor” name when the previous group disbanded.
The project continues Fox’s aggressive use of the X-Men library. In the coming years, the studio will release another X-Men film (X-Men: Dark Phoenix), New Mutants, The Untitled Deadpool Sequel, and Gambit.

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