Motion Comics App Madefire Welcomes Image To Their Roster

by Olly MacNamee

Award winning motion comics’ app Madefire have announced that they are teaming up with Image Comics and its many creators, and their many creator-owned series, to offer users of the app even more choice. Alongside Marvel, DC and other publishers, it seems Madefire are making headway into more mainstream fare, while still offering a platform for new creators to submit their own comics for publication on their app.
Seems like they’ve got a lot in common with Image Comics in supporting creator owned comics. And, that’s good news all round, for readers, creators and Madefire.

The addition of Image Comics is an ideal fit for our platform and we feel both companies share similar values when it comes to supporting artists and storytellers. Madefire is committed to supporting indie creators, uniquely allowing self-publishing on the platform and giving aspiring creators the forum to bring their work to the masses. Image Comics are renowned for their creator-owned philosophy, protecting the vision of the talent who bring their stories to life. For this reason alone, we couldn’t be happier to welcome Image Comics to the Madefire family. —Madefire CEO and Motion Book creator, Ben Wolstenholme.

Congratulations on the new deal to Image Comics and the Madefire unholy trinity of Liam Sharp, Ben Wolstenholme and Eugene Waldon. As an early user, I can say you’ve come a long way boys!
You can download the Madefire app for Android, iOS, Windows, Android TV, Apple TV, Oculus Gear VR now.

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