The Brave And The Bold Returns With Liam Sharp Scripting And Drawing The Whole Shebang

by Olly MacNamee

The Washington Post has broken the news that Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, Madefire) will both write and draw a new 6 issue The Brave and The Bold mini-series for DC Comics, featuring Batman and Wonder Woman. That’s a win-win all round, surely?
They report that Sharp’s story will mix “her Amazonian mythology with the legends of Irish and Celtic gods. The story would involve the death of an Irish god, and Wonder Woman would bring in Batman, the world’s greatest detective, to help investigate”.
It will be something of a continuation from his epic run on Wonder Woman, with Princess Diana and Steve Trevor still very much a couple and very much in love. It’s a title and a character I feel, Sharp made his own and I can see why he’s want to return to her.

As to whether or not he’s looking forward to drawing Batman, who wouldn’t be?
Sharp says:

Everyone wants to draw the Dark Knight. I’ve just been giggling to myself, to be honest. I was drawing the Batmobile and my kids asked me how I was doing and I said, ‘I’m drawing the Batmobile!’ 

That’s yet ANOTHER title to add to my pull outs come the new year. Damn you, DC and damn you, Liam. And, with the news of Madefire’s team-up with Image Comics, does this now mean ‘Sharpie’ is officially the hardest working artist around?

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