Broad City 4.8 Recap: Ilana And Lincoln Are Official While Abbi Looks To An Old Crush

by Gary Catig

The episode of Broad City begins with Ilana outside the home of the Strands, the affluent family from season two she babysits for. Mother and son are taking a trip out to the Hamptons and need Ilana to house sit. To further emphasize the level of ridiculous wealth the Strands have, they take an Uber helicopter to Long Island.

Abbi and Ilana waste no time in indulging in the luxuries. They play dress up in designer gowns, Ilana with a tiara, and experience the near orgasmic sanitation effects of a bidet. However, nothing says NYC opulence than an in-home washer and dryer. At least for one day, the girls don’t have to use the corner lavandería or bother with quarters to clean their laundry. They even invite Jaimé and Lincoln to partake and to just hang out.
Ilana is adjusting to her renewed relationship with Lincoln.  She is still coming to terms that they’re official and hesitates initially when referring to him as her boyfriend. Though once the words come out of her mouth, she’s more at peace. The couple soon go through different stages of a serious relationship, like the point where you’re comfortable passing gas in front of your significant other. Both Lincoln and Ilana are passing gas with such flair, that the scene evolves into a breakdancing/farting battle.

Some of those stages also include the more monotonous parts like setting up joint google calendars to coordinate schedules. They’re even seen lying in bed wearing pajamas and reading the newspaper with the Home Shopping Network playing in the background. It’s these moments where Ilana is the most frustrated and scared. She and Lincoln have a heart to heart to discuss the state of their relationship and their expectations, which puts both of them at ease.
While Ilana’s love life is back on track, Abbi has been busy checking her online dating profiles.  She realizes an old high school crush and former teacher, Mr. Miller, or Richard now that they’re adults, is on the same site and she organizes a meet up at the Strand’s home.
At first, she feels the whole thing is a bit creepy, but rationalizes that since they are both adults now, it should be ok. If only she had listened to her instincts, as the date turned out to be unsettling. From Richard admitting he thought of her sexually when she was his student to him pulling Abbi’s face back while making out to make her look younger. Luckily, Abbi is saved when the fire alarm goes off due to the dryer and she’s able to end the unfortunate date.
This episode was a bit uneven as the Ilana/Lincoln storyline was enjoyable. It was good to see their romance evolve and overcome their reservations and worries. On the other hand, Abbi’s storyline suffered a bit from poor timing. Taking into consideration current events, it’s harder to find the humor behind an older man pursuing an underage/barely legal girl whether in fantasy or in reality.
Despite all the growth Abbi has undergone this season, this episode shows how much more maturing she needs to do. She thinks holding a book and cigar awkwardly makes her look older and thinks Richard is so sexy because he reads The New Yorker. It is unclear whether if this is characteristic of Abbi as a whole or merely one-off behavior as we are all prone to acting a fool sometimes when trying to impress someone.
Other interesting episode notes:

  • Jaimé decided to undergo the circumcision he was contemplating in episode 3 and spends all episode trying to not have an erection. Unfortunately for him, it seems everything he sees is arousing.
  • Despite the small fire in the home, Ilana has nothing to worry about since Mrs. Strand didn’t even know she had a laundry room.

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