So Much Mini Game Fun! 5 Reasons Mario Party: The Top 100 Is Awesome

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last week, I expressed my excitement when I discovered Nintendo was releasing Mario Party: The Top 100. This week I’m here to tell you 5 reasons why it was so awesome to play!

One: It is simply perfect for fans of all things Mario Party. It has that same fun feel, except better! If you just want to sit back and unwind with a few games, you have that power.
Two: There is a super simple way to play, with the classic style! Perhaps you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to play on a board and collect stars/coins competitively? Do not worry! They have a really simple board that incorporates all of the things you love about Mario Party games.
Three: You only need one copy to play with your friends. The game uses download play, so for $39.99 you can play with up to four people.
Four: There are three modes to play! The board mode, mini game battle mode where you can choose a set of games to play, and a mode that works with battle points instead of stars. Each mode has its own charm and it all depends on which you prefer. I really liked the board game mode, as previously stated.
Five: The single player game mode is a blast! In this mode, you play through all 100 mini-games and as you accumulate coins, you accumulate more lives. You start out with 3 and can grow from there. To advance, you need to have performed well in the mini games and as long as you collect enough stars you can easily progress through the worlds. There are four worlds in total, each with different themes! My favorite was the ice oriented games. Who doesn’t love penguins sliding all over the place? I played through the entire mode as the lovely Rosalina.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I think it has definite replay value and is fun for all kinds of video game lovers. Don’t miss out on this one you guys. Add it to your Christmas list now!

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