Reed Learns About Fenris (Sort Of) In A Preview Of Monday’s The Gifted

by Erik Amaya

Armed with the knowledge that Trask Industries is still in business, Reed goes to have a talk with his father Otto Strucker (noted TV old cuss Raymond J. Barry). And if this preview of Monday’s episode is any indication, Reed is about to learn much more about the Strucker family; including the superpowered twins in the family history.

But will history repeat itself with Lauren and Andy? Are they Fenris reborn? If they stick close to the comic books, that could lead to a very uncomfortable family situation for Reed. So maybe they’ll pass that aspect off to his, um, grandparents. Nevertheless, it looks like the Strucker children’s mutation is special. I bet that’s the reason Dr. Campbell is so hot to get a hold of them. Weaponizing their powers could be useful. But if they are next level mutants, is it possible there is a HYDRA connection?
The Gifted airs Mondays on FOX.

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