Take A Peek Inside Mike Richardson & Paul Chadwick’s OGN Best Wishes

by Hannah Means Shannon

In case it slipped under your radar, Paul Chadwick’s first work in comics since 2013 has arrived in shops, an original graphic novel teaming up with Mike Richardson, Founder of Dark Horse, to tell a story following twists of fate and possible futures in Best Wishes.

Dark Horse says:

When two strangers cast coins into a Central Park fountain, their dreams and desires become supernaturally intertwined. Cal wants fame and respect, and Mary craves true love from her pro quarterback boyfriend, but destiny weaves a tangled fabric. A tale of New York, meme madness, fame’s price, and secrets of the heart.

It’s an opportunity to pick up what’s bound to be an interesting gem from two comic creators who certainly know the craft.
Here’s a special look at some of the interior pages on the graphic novel, courtesy of Dark Horse:

Best Wishes is currently available in comic shops.

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