Canadian Beer And Bagged Milk? The Horror! Preview Savage Dragon #228

by Olly MacNamee

Since falling back in love with Savage Dragon with the recent 100 page anniversary spectacular, it’s been a fun ride and now Dragon and family are moving up north and into the wintery wilds of Canada. And the culture shocks that come ‘aboot’ when confronted with the likes of bagged milk and Canadian beer (which must surely be better that the tap water you call beer in the Colonies?). Oh, the horror!
But, between child care and drinks with friends, Dragon and Maxine still find time for some downtime, too, it would seem from this 5 preview of issue #228:

OH! CANADA!” Part Two Relocated to the Great White North, Dragon faces a number of new challenges: a new job, a new home, a new life, and the return of the enigmatic villain, the Seeker. At long last—all of his secrets are revealed! This one comes with our highest possible recommendation!

Savage Dragon #228 is out Wednesday, the 22nd of November digitally and in print ($3.99).

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