How Can The Power Rangers Make The World A Better Place? – MMPR #21 Review

by James Ferguson

After learning of the secret Power Rangers of 1969 and the disastrous only mission they were sent on, the current team has to come to grips with what this means, particularly how it affects their relationship with the now absent Zordon. Why weren’t they informed about this? What else could Zordon be hiding? Can they trust him not to drop them like a bad habit if something goes wrong? These questions and more fuel the Rangers’ next steps as Grace Sterling hopes to guide them into the future.

Sterling comes in when the Rangers need help the most. Without Zordon, Jason has shouldered the role of leader and mentor to the team, and it’s really starting to take its toll on him. The Power Rangers have always been a force for good and have saved the world from Rita’s monsters time and time again, but what if they could do more? Grace Sterling presents that opportunity with her organization, Promethea.
Despite all of her great intentions and her noble past, there’s still something fishy about Grace. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like she’s too good to be true. This could just be my cynical nature, but I feel like she has to be up to something. She has done absolutely nothing to warrant this suspicion as everything she’s said and done, including her brief stint as a Red Ranger, have been completely on the level. I’m just wondering if she’s doing all this as some sort of revenge against Zordon, although it would be one crazy long con.

Grace gives the Rangers a tour of the Promethea facilities and they are very impressive. Artist Jonas Scharf makes the sprawling campus look like a scientific version of Silicon Valley businesses. The place is state of the art and massive. The architecture has a futuristic vibe to it, especially with its location as they essentially built a city on the water. Colorist Joana Lafuente gives the introduction scenes at Promethea a lighter shade, signifying hope. This turns darker as we get into the action and danger of the issue.
A recent ongoing threat in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been Finster’s sleeper agents that have been sent around the world. These are Finster’s creations that look, act, and think human, then without any prior warning, they transform into horrible monsters and wreak havoc. Since there is no way to track them, this has caused a lot of problems for the Rangers. Grace has found a way to find these sleepers and has one in custody which leads to a pretty awesome fight scene.

One of the many things writer Kyle Higgins has brought to the Power Rangers franchise is new and exciting monsters. Issue #21 is no different as we’re introduced to Mr. Meowgi, a nine-headed cat monster. The pun alone is fantastic. Each head has a different personality. Since it’s a cat, the Rangers have to kill it nine times in order to stop it.
Scarf’s design for the character is terrifying, especially when the heads start to get taken out. The transformation is like a feline version of An American Werewolf in London as we watch a normal man’s body twist and mutate into this hideous form. In its full form, Mr. Meowgi is a towering human-like cat, standing on two legs. The heads are smaller as they cover the span of its large shoulders. Each one appears manic and angry with yellow eyes and fierce jaws. As some heads are cut off, it creates this deformed abomination that is still just as deadly as it ever was.

One quick note on this issue. Although Jamal Campbell’s cover is amazing, it’s a little misleading as none of the characters featured actually appear in this issue. This is a small pet peeve, but I wanted to point it out in case you were expecting Rita to return here.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21 gives the team a lot to think about. Grace Sterling presents a great case that would allow them to help the entire world, not just Angel Grove. They could do more than just fight Rita’s monsters. They could make the planet a better place which is something any true hero should strive towards. This comic has elevated the franchise to new heights with intelligent, compelling storytelling. I have never been more excited to be a Power Rangers fan.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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