Simple Happiness – Initial Thoughts On Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

by Christine Marie Attardo

For those of you who have been waiting for the release of Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Campit’s time to get excited! The game is now available.
While the internet is swirling with all kinds of different opinions, I’m here to report my initial reactions which are 100% happy, happy, and more happy.
After a quick character design, I was happy to be greeted by the famous K.K….

Shortly after, you meet up with Isabelle who is a wealth of knowledge as always!

The game operates under a mechanic of “do chores > get rewards,” which is simple and fun. For example, my new pal Goldie wanted some fruit…

…and when I gave it to her, I got some rewards!

Then there was a cute little cut scene!

I’m not sure if the entire game will be this generous because micro-transactions are involved, but Isabelle also gave me a nice starter pack. As you can see, there are a lot of options for things.

So far, I am absolutely thrilled. The little areas that you get to explore are colorful and true to their Animal Crossing roots. It seems like there will be lots of extra events that will happen from time to time too. I wonder if they will have a Thanksgiving event?
I’ll be back with a full review after I have binged the game enough. For now, I’ll just encourage you to dive into the simple happiness of the Animal Crossing world. It’s available on iOS and Android!

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