Image Will Publish New Editions Of Kick-Ass Trades In February

by Hannah Means Shannon

Image Comics has announced that trade paperback collections of the ground-breaking comic book series, Kick-Ass by writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr., have found a new home at Image. 
Kick-Ass Volumes 1-4 of the trade paperbacks will hit stores this February 2018 coinciding with the February 10th anniversary of the series. The arrival also celebrates the launch of all-new Kick-Ass comics at Image.

A new ongoing monthly Kick-Ass comic series by the original creators will be landing in comic shops at the same time as Volumes 1-4, and two weeks later, spin off comic series Hit-Girl will start arriving, by Mark Millar and Ricardo Ortiz.

Mark Millar says:

Kick-Ass is the biggest thing I’ve ever had my name on. It just went crazy, and I loved writing these four books. Launching the new Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl monthlies from Image is incredibly exciting for me, and it makes absolute sense to have remastered editions of the original graphic novels out from Image too, all tweaked and reworked inside with brand-new covers. I can’t wait for these, and I bloody wrote the things.

The trade editions will arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, February 14th and in bookstores on Tuesday, February 20th. The final order cutoff for comic shop retailers is Monday, January 8th
Here’s their order information:

  • KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 1, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0719-3, Diamond code: DEC170572
  • KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 2, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0720-9, Diamond code: DEC170573
  • KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 3, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0721-6, Diamond code: DEC170574
  • KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 4, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0722-3, Diamond code: DEC170575
The new Kick-Ass #1 will be available on Wednesday, February 14th. The final order cutoff is Monday, January 22nd:
  • KICK-ASS #1 Cover A by Romita, Jr., Diamond code: DEC170560
  • KICK-ASS #1 Cover B B&W by Romita, Jr., Diamond code: DEC170561
  • KICK-ASS #1 Cover C Limited Special Anniversary variant by Romita, Jr., Diamond code: DEC170562
  • KICK-ASS #1 Cover D by Frank Quitely, Diamond code: DEC170563
  • KICK-ASS #1 Cover E by Olivier Coipel, Diamond code: DEC170564
  • KICK-ASS #1 Cover F black cover, Diamond code: DEC170565

Hit-Girl #1 will be available from Wednesday, February 21. The final order cutoff is Monday, January 29.

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