Take A Peek At Bad Mask – The Multimedia Narrative ‘Box’ From Jon Chad

by Hannah Means Shannon

We hope you’ve been hearing some buzz about this experimental new work arriving this week from Boom! Studios. Jon Chad has created a multi-print-media and digital media concoction, consisting of a graphic novel and supporting elements, called Bad Mask.
Bad Mask comes in a box that encourages the reader to take part in game-like collaboration with the narrative, gathering elements of the world of the story by reading newspapers, magazines, comic books, trading cards, digital files, and then some.

In this storyline, a young girl has joined a “superpowered terrorist organization”, Bad Mask, who are pitted in struggle against a “super-intelligent robot” Metal Metro, who is deemed the world’s savior. Gaby learns that Bad Mask isn’t exactly what she was expecting, adn that Metal Metro may hide some secrets too. The reader uncovers these mysteries with Gaby to solve the enigma of Bad Mask.
Boom! Studios have released a substantial preview of the different elements of the “box”, which you can check out below:

Pretty intriguing, right? You’ll be able to find the Bad Mask box in comic shops this Wednesday, November 29th, retailing at $39.99.

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