A New Path Must Be Forged In Gasolina #3

by Brendan M. Allen

On the run, in love—all Amalia and Randy need is each other…until Los Queridos begin experimenting with new ways to murder their rivals. Now, a new path must be forged. 

Gasolina #3 opens with a huge dilemma for our favorite pair of newlywed fugitives. They have an opportunity to make a clean break, leaving the whole mess with Los Queridos, that creepy fella with the cross tattoos on his face, and the alien chest-bursting beetle monsters behind them. The trouble is, wherever they go, there’s gonna be trouble. Back up North, there’s the situation they fled, landing them in Mexico to begin with. Further South, they’d likely run deeper into cartel country.
Stuck on a rock, between a rock and a rock, they decide to stand and fight. Their plan almost immediately backfires. The star-crossed lovers quickly find themselves separated, having to deal with The Beloved, each on their own. Randy’s been loaded up on a truck with a bunch of field hands, headed back to the ranch. Mal finds herself in a compromising situation surrounded by a bunch of armed goons with bad intentions.

Sean Mackiewicz is teaching a clinic on slow burn, although the pace is picking up by this third installment. Characters are developing nicely. Mackiewicz’ narrative strength is shown through his natural, flowing dialogue. Conflict is shaping up. Something huge is just around the corner, and it’s impossible to guess what it is. There are so many elements in play, this story could easily go one of several interesting directions.

As usual, Niko Walter and Mat Lopes drive it home with the art. A story like this just wouldn’t play without amazing art. Walter displays subtle emotions and attention to detail. Lopes gets to play around quite a bit with fire and shadow in this chapter, to great effect.
Gasolina is an absolute pleasure to read. There’s a lot to take in, but not so much at once that it’s confusing. The pacing, while slow, works beautifully for the complexity of the story, and I have a feeling business is about to pick up.
Gasolina #3, published by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment, released on the 22nd of November 2017. Created by Sean Mackiewicz (script) and Niko Walter (art), color by Mat Lopes, letters by Rus Wooten.

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