Game Of Thrones’s Liam Cunningham Skewers Fan Theories

by Erik Amaya

This particular Game of Thrones hiatus is long and filled with theories. So actor Liam Cunningham took time out to address some of them as part of Rolling Stone’s Fan Theory Exploder video series. The ideas range from potential spinoffs to showdowns, and to a possible conclusion for Cunnignham’s character, Ser Davos Seaworth. A few are just silly, but there are two the actor finds particularly compelling. One theory even offers Cunningham a chance to spill secrets, but he admits he has not seen any season of the eight scripts yet!

Like Cunningham, I’m also interested how the series — and Daenerys — will deal with Jon Snow’s claim to the Iron Throne. For one, it’s more interesting to think about than the Targaryen-style incest they’re engaging in at the moment. But it also feels like key thematic element of the series. Both characters have been on hero’s journeys for a very long time and it seems as though Daenerys’s stated goal, ruling Westeros, is rightfully Jon’s by dint of birth and the rules of traditional narrative; even as the show worked very hard to put women in positions of power. It is possible a conflict between Daenerys and Jon will be more important than the Army of the Dead or Cersei’s final power play in the end.
And the ending fans chose for Ser Davos seems just about perfect.
Game of Thrones returns when R’hllor allows it.

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