Take Part In The Angelic Art Contest And Get Your Drawing In A Comic

by Hannah Means Shannon

Simon Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard are the creators behind the all-ages Image Comics series Angelic. It’s a wild fantasy world with flying monkeys, techno dolphins, alluring colors, and plenty of heart.

And now you can be part of that world, too. By taking part in the Angelic Art Contest, participants of all ages can submit their drawings of the characters and world of Angelic and compete for the chance to have their art shown in the pages of issue #5.
The deadline is soon, however, Friday, December 8th, so get cracking!

Spurrier is quite clear that this competition will take age and skill level into account, and both children and adults of any level of drawing experience are welcome to join in.

You can find Angelic online here at ComiXology, and in your local comic shops you’ll find issues #1-3 already out.

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