Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.8 Recap: The Crew Go Undercover At A Convention To Catch A Thief

by Gary Catig

Last season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine during a case, Terry met one of his lifelong heroes, DC Parlov (Fred Melamed).  Parlov is the author of Terry’s beloved Skyfire Cycle series. Though their initial meeting did not go well, the two stayed in touch throughout the year and built a better relationship. While in jail, Jake also became a fan of the fantasy series since there wasn’t much to do but read. Imagine the excitement both Jake and Terry have when they find out Parlov is in town for a local con and he needs their help for another case.
[*Spoilers for 5.8 ahead!]
The two detectives, along with Rosa, meet up with the fantasy author at a sad, but much too common “Diversity in Writing” panel lead only by white men. While waiting for the panel to end, Terry reveals that he is writing his own fantasy novel as a hobby. Though the Sergeant is hesitant to show his book to his literary hero out of fear of being embarrassed, Jake is able to convince Parlov to take a look.

DC soon shows the detectives why he needs their help. Someone has stolen a copy of the latest Skyfire book and is demanding a ransom or else the entire story will be leaked on the internet.  Parlov suspects his rival, Landon Lawson (Rob Huebel) is the culprit. As the crew go to question the suspect, they find that Lawson also had his latest manuscript stolen.
After doing some investigating, Terry and Jake find the only person who is on both the victims’ lists of potential enemies is Miles Morgill, a less successful author, whose wife had an affair with both Lawson and Parlov. The two detectives go to confront Morgill and reveal his motives.  Unfortunately, Miles did not steal either book and was unaware of his wife’s infidelity. To make matters more awkward, Morgill’s wife is there and the couple begins to argue. The coupe de grace of uneasiness occurs when the couple’s child comes into the hotel room and asks the detectives if his mommy and daddy are getting divorced. Jake and Terry not only feel bad for wrecking a family, but they are out of leads.
With no other options, the writers decide to pay the ransom, but have Jake, Terry, and Rosa stake out the drop to catch the thief. In order to look inconspicuous, the detectives cosplay with Terry as a shirtless warrior, Jake as an elf, and Diaz in her street clothes but with welder goggles to give her a steampunk look.  When the thief comes to pick up the money, he is dressed up as the Deadpool equivalent for the con, meaning everyone and their mom is in the same costume.  In the confusion, the thief slips away. Although the thief escaped, Parlov is relieved that his book won’t be leaked. He even compliments Terry on his book and wants to forward it to his publisher.
This tips Jake to the real culprits, DC and Landon. Having read Terry’s book, Jake knows his friend’s first attempt at writing wasn’t very good. Parlov was trying to butter up the Sergeant with a book deal to deflect suspicion away from him. In addition, no one would suspect the two bitter rivals working together. After all, they almost come to blows over the correct pronunciation of Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit. Terry had a gut feeling and came to the same conclusion. He brings in the writers for questioning and they confess. They wanted the insurance money and leaked their own books to build up buzz.
Though Terry’s bummed that he isn’t a great writer, Jake tries to lift his friend’s spirits. He advises Terry to keep on writing and get more practice to fine tune his craft. Terry may never become a New York Times best seller, but if he keeps at it, he’ll get better, plus it’s something he loves.

The B plot has members of the precinct attending a forensics seminar in order to receive board certification. Holt and Amy are worried that since the instructor is a hard ass, Charles’ rambling personal anecdotes could jeopardize the Nine-Nine’s chances of passing. In order to shut Boyle up, Amy and Holt use him to make a casted facial reconstruction, but forget to properly lubricate his head before applying the plaster. The two decide to hide Charles in a storage room under the watchful eye of Scully and Hitchcock rather than risk failing the class for not following directions. Of course, Scully and Hitchcock lose Boyle, but he was trying to steam the mask off in the showers. Holt feels bad that he placed his precinct’s certification over the well being of one of his officers and comes clean to the instructor.
It was fun watching Terry and Jake fan-boying over something geeky like a fantasy novel series.  You could feel their enthusiasm as they frequently referenced the books in unison throughout the episode. On the other hand, the storyline with the forensics class fell a little flat. It didn’t add too much overall and the anal instructor could be played by anyone. That is a shame as a guest star, Reggie Lee didn’t have much to work with and I feel his talent was wasted this episode.
My favorite three lines:
Holt:  Subjective learning…Millennials.
Parlov:  Listen, I need just a moment to clean up. I had a female visitor in here earlier today dressed as Concubina. She got smears of green body paint all over everything. Everything.
Jake:  He was talking about his penis.
Scully:  Captain Holt? Your husband’s on the phone. He wants to know how long you’re going to kiss for tonight?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday nights at 9:30PM on Fox.

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