Combat-Trained Truckers & The World’s Most Valuable Cargo – The Ghost Fleet: The Whole Goddamned Thing

by Brendan M. Allen

For the world’s most valuable, dangerous, or secretive cargo, you don’t call just any trucking service…you call THE GHOST FLEET. When one of the world’s most elite combat-trained truckers takes a forbidden peek at his payload, he uncovers a conspiracy that will change his life, and the world, forever! The critically acclaimed eight-issue miniseries is collected for the very first time in one deluxe, over-the-top volume from DONNY CATES (GOD COUNTRY, BABYTEETH, REDNECK) and the incredible DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (EXTREMITY). 

Donny Cates has been getting a lot of attention recently, and rightly so. His recent hits Babyteeth (Aftershock), God Country (Image), and Redneck (Image) exploded onto the market, with all three debut issues selling out on the first day of release. Now, he’s also killing it at the helm of two of Marvel’s big titles, Doctor Strange and Thanos, which also sold out on their respective release dates.
Donny has been writing comics now for several years, and Image Comics recently snapped up some of his older material to reprint in brand new trade paperback editions for a new audience. A couple months ago, they re-released Donny’s first big project, Buzzkill, which he originally wrote at Dark Horse. Now, they’re bringing you The Ghost Fleet, also originally a Dark Horse book.

All right. Enough history. What’s the story about? Combat-trained truckers? What does that even mean? It means awesome, that’s what. According to my sources (this book and Donny Cates), The Ghost Fleet really exists on some level. The government, on occasion, transports secret, dangerous stuff from one place to another. They’d like to attract as little attention to these moves as possible, while safely getting the cargo from point A to B.
That’s when they use The Ghost Fleet. Non-descript rigs, driven by ordinary looking, greasy guys, flanked by heavily armed, highly trained ninjas or something. The drivers and the security details have no idea what they’re hauling. They just know it needs to get to its destination whole, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. This story is Donny Cates’ Indiana Jones/Fast and Furious/X-Files/Pulp Fiction/conspiracy/action/occult take on the whole idea. So many explosions. Also guns, and betrayal, and mystery.
The artwork is fantastic. Donny has a knack for picking artists for his stories that amazingly compliment his writing. The grit and grime of long-haul trucking, the horrific beauty of smashing a human body with a loaded 18-wheeler at 90 miles per hour, the creepy vibe of a shadowy super-secret Illuminati cave with a big ass owl. That’s what Daniel Warren Johnson brings to the table. “Beautifully insane and frenetic,” says Cates of Johnson’s work in this story.

The Ghost Fleet: The Whole Goddamned Thing is a great read for fans of action, mystery, and occult. If you’re reading Babyteeth, you absolutely need to pick this one up. (Does that shadowy super-secret Illuminati cave with the big ass owl sound familiar?)
The Ghost Fleet: The Whole Goddamned Thing collects issues #1-8 (the whole goddamned thing), published by Image Comics, released 29 November 2017, written by Donny Cates, art by Daniel Warren Johnson, color by Lauren Affe, letters by CRANK!

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