Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Card Game Coming From Rebellion And Osprey Games

by Olly MacNamee

Duncan Molloy, Games Developer at Osprey Games, has worked with Rebellion to create a new Judge Dredd game using the core mechanics of Osprey’s bestselling 2017 release, The Lost Expedition, from designer Peer Sylvester.
Now, that may not mean much to anyone who hasn’t played the aforementioned The Lost Expedition card game (that includes me) but the idea of a card game based on The Cursed Earth–the vast, desert wasteland full of muties, murderers and monsters taking up most of what was once The United States of America–is something of interest to me. The first ever Judge Dredd multi-part epic recently rereleased by Rebellion last year, The Cursed Earth represents a huge and dangerous playground for competitive, co-operative and solo player modes.
Discussing the project, Molloy said, “Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth will feature entirely new mechanics, such as radiation tracking and psychic abilities, to really capture the feel of Dredd’s world.”

Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth is an immersive sci-fi western, in which players must lead a team of judges against dinosaurs, mutants, and the Cursed Earth itself in search of an object of immense power before it falls into the wrong hands. As they scour the wastelands, the team will encounter a host of iconic 2000 AD characters that will push their resources and abilities to their limits. On an impossible journey through radioactive hell, can even the judges survive the Cursed Earth?

Sounds like fun to me and maybe what I’ve been looking for to get me back into the habit of playing games that aren’t simply sitting on my phone. Time to join the judges in 2018.

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