Tim Bird’s The Great North Wood Celebrates The Magic Of Ancient Forests In 2018

by Hannah Means Shannon

Another release announced for 2018 by publisher Avery Hill today is The Great North Wood by Tim Bird. This UK-set story is a moderate 68 pages of stunning artwork.

In Bird’s The Great North Wood, he explores the role of the UK’s woodlands over time, and the idea that small patches of forests remain in Southern England and even stands of ancient trees, influence the book.
Bird considers the fact that:

The magic that once filled the ancient forest can still be felt even when the trees are long gone. Memories of the Great North Wood are recorded in the place names – Forest Hill, Honour Oak, Norwood. Stories are told of the bandits, outlaws and gypsies that once roamed the forest, and their presence can sometimes be sensed when the hum of the city is quiet.

Bird continues showing an interest in “psychogeography” and the ways in which landscape and memory are tied together in The Great North Wood.

Here’s a peek at the interior artwork on his new book:

The Great North Wood is slated for release in June 2018.

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