A Volcano Goddess Finds Her Story – Firebug From Johnnie Christmas And Tamra Bonvillain

by Hannah Means Shannon

Another comic that first appeared in the Image published and Brandon Graham edited anthology Island is getting a print edition from Image. Earlier today, Graham’s Multiple Warheads series  was announced a one-shot finale from the publisher.

Johnnie Christmas (Angel Catbird, Sheltered) and colorist Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur) created Firebug in the pages of Island with mythological themes.

Image explains:

In Firebug, a volcano goddess named Keegan is loose in the world, and the prophecies are unclear whether her coming will bring humanity’s destruction or its salvation. In the shadow of a sacred volcano from which Keegan derives her powers, lies the ancient city of Azar. To unravel the mysteries of her past, Keegan and her friends must get to Azar before it is overrun by a horde of forest monsters. Meanwhile, the nefarious Cult of the Goddess has plans to summon forces as old as time to extinguish Keegan’s flame permanently.

Christmas comments on the story:

FIREBUG is a comic I’ve wanted to make for years now! I’m excited to finally get it out into the world in such style: Tamra Bonvillain on colors, Ariana Maher on letters/design, and published by Image Comics. I couldn’t ask for a better way to present this fun, exciting, and touching adventure to readers!

Bonvillain adds:

I always love working with Johnnie. And it’s exciting to work with him on his first self-written OGN, and to have Ariana join us as well.

Firebug (Diamond code: DEC170655, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0494-9) hits comic book stores Wednesday, March 7th, 2018. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, January 22nd.
Firebug will be available in bookstores Tuesday, March 13th, and is available for preorder via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and Indigo.

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