Batman Ninja Trailer Reveals Dark Knight In A Beautiful Feudal World

by Erik Amaya

On the horizon for sometime, a trailer for Batman Ninja has appeared online.
The project, directed by Junpei Mizusaki, sees the Batman and several notable allies and villains take their war to feudal Japan, where the Joker apparently sets up a fiefdom. It remains to be seen how well this sits with the shogunate, but it will give Batman a chance to bone up on his ninja skills.

And yeah, there’s definitely a Robin in that line-up shot before Batman suits up with samurai armor. The animation looks beautiful and horrific all at the same time and some of the visuals are just insane. This definitely looks like a project to keep an eye on. It’s expected to debut sometime in 2018. Be ready.
(h/t: IndieWire)

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