Oh No, You Didn’t!? Savage Dragon #229 Redefines Family Problems

by Olly MacNamee

Still North of the border and still exiled. But, that’s the least of Malcolm Dragon’s family’s  problems. Savage Dragon #229 by Erik Larsen mixes the melodramatic with more grounded, real life problems. Like, when your friend sleeps with your mother-in-law. Check out our preview of this week’s issue below, with three very telling pages.

“EXILED” Malcolm Dragon and his family must come to grips with the reality that they may never go home again. A new home. A new life. 2017 Inkwell Award-winner Erik Larsen delivers another smash issue of SAVAGE DRAGON!

Savage Dragon #229 is out this Wednesday, the 6th of December priced at $3.99.

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