Chimichanga Returns For A Finale In The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face # 4

by Gary Catig

Eric Powell’s original Chimichanga series was a fun, engaging and humorous all ages comic that didn’t have to resort to dumbing down or cheesy corny laughs to cater to the younger audience. The story followed the adorable Lula the Bearded Girl and her monster companion, which the series is named after, as they had adventures while members of a traveling circus.
Last year, the characters returned for a new mini-series, Chimichanga: The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face. Powell remained as writer, but taking over art duties was Stephanie Buscema. The two best friends continue their work in the circus sideshow, but this time meet another outcast, a boy who is so hideous that he grows out his hair to hide his appearance.
After a lengthy delay, the final issue will be released this Wednesday, December 6th. You can check out the preview below. I really enjoy Buscema’s artwork as she maintains the tone and humor of the first series, but brings her own unique style.

Wrinkles Traveling Circus, home of fun and frivolity, is under attack by a senseless mob chasing after the worlds ugliest face! Lula must use her zazz and razzmatazz to save her grandfathers circus with a goat disguise, common sense, and her deliciously named best friend, Chimichanga!


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