Jack Dylan Grazer Joins Shazam! As Freddy Freeman; Ryan Reynolds To Play Pikachu

by Erik Amaya


Deadline reports Jack Dylan Grazer of It fame will join the production as Freddy, one of Billy Batson’s few friends and a contender of a Marvel title all his own.
Freddy Freeman first debuted in 1941 as a handicapped newsboy Captain Marvel saves from Captain Nazi. The two became friends, with Billy eventually sharing some of his Captain Marvel powers. Adopting the name Captain Marvel Jr., Freddy and Billy fought crime, Dr. Sivana and other menaces together for decades until Billy replaced the wizard Shazam on the Rock of Eternity and Freddy took his place as the hero known as Shazam. Of course, that was all swept away in the New 52, which sees Billy as Shazam and Freddy as one of his foster brothers.
In the film, Freddy will be Billy’s (Angel Asher) best friend and the only person who knows Billy is Shazam (Zachary Levi). It’s always possible Freddy will become some form of Captain Marvel Jr. during the climax, but maybe they’ll save it for the sequel or the Black Adam movie. Shazam! is due out in April 5th, 2019
Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is adding a Pokemon to his list of credits. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will play the title role in Detective Pikachu, a film based on the key Pokemon critter. The film also stars Justice Smith, whose character teams up with Reynolds’s particularly nosy Pikachu to save her missing father. Reynolds will apparently offer a motion capture performance for Detective Pikachu.
Honestly, it sounds like a Deadpool 2 publicity stunt, but it’s apparently for real.

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