The DC Universe Is Not Prepared For Singularity Jain – Green Lanterns #36 Review

by James Ferguson

Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have their hands full with Bolphunga and his father, Boff. The feared mercenary came to the Green Lanterns for help and sanctuary from the mysterious Singularity Jain. Unfortunately, this creature has tracked them down and prepares to show this group the true extent of her power.

Green Lanterns #36 is told in flashback as Simon and Jessica recount their experiences at the Green Lantern Corps Headquarters on Mogo. This dual narration shows how the two of them mesh so well together. Writer Tim Seeley drops some hints as to what’s coming too.  Although we know that the two ring-slingers got out alive as they’re the ones telling the story, the same cannot be said for the other characters involved. This keeps the tale interesting as you’re pulled further into it.
Singularity Jain is a terrifying and fearsome foe. I am very interested to see how she plays into future storylines. She’s a horrifying businesswoman dressed in a suit jacket and pants, although she’s not wearing shoes. Artist Ronan Cliquet gives her a sickly sweet appearance, like she could charm you one moment and then slit your throat the next. It’s clear there’s more to her than meets the eye.
This is shown in her huge displays of power, literally inhaling the Green Lanterns’ light like it was nothing. How can Simon and Jessica possibly hope to fight something that can suck up their constructs like they were milkshakes? It’s like there’s a black hole in Singularity Jain’s mouth and when she decides to use it, her targets swirl inside, distorting their appearance.
Although she may look like a businesswoman, when Singularity Jain is pushed, her proper look is shaken. I wonder if her true self is exposed in these moments as her face becomes extended and twisted. Her hands become gnarly claws. She becomes a monster.

Oh Bolphunga, Where Art Thou?” has reframed the character of Bolphunga. He was always powerful and a bit odd, like a more humorous version of Lobo. This issue as well as the last one has shown him in a different light. He’s vulnerable and cowardly, but he can still throw down with the best of them.
Since Seeley started writing Green Lanterns, he’s been spinning some additional plates in the comic. The tragedy with the displaced Molite people on Ungara mirrors the events in our world regarding how we treat refugees and immigration. The Molites come in peace and don’t want any trouble, yet the Ungaran people are screaming at them and protesting.

I’m a big fan of shorter stories like this one, especially when they serves to build the overall narrative. We got this great side adventure that introduced a fierce new villain while also continuing the character development of Simon and Jessica and servicing plot threads for future storylines. I’m most interested in Singularity Jain, as there is a lot of possibility with the character. She is a force that can shake a Green Lantern, which is saying something.
Green Lanterns #36 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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