Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.9 Recap: The Crew Race Against The Clock On A Cross Country Road Trip

by Gary Catig

Jake remembered that at one time, Terry told him that he was too old to learn a dance move known as the worm. In the opening scene, Peralta wants to prove his sergeant wrong as he’s decked out in a breakdancing jump suit. He has perfect form as he performs the dance move, but unfortunately, he interrupts an office meeting at an inopportune time. Terry was in the middle of notifying the precinct that their former CO, Captain McGinley, has passed away and the whole squad will be attending the funeral in Los Angeles. The crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are taking a trip out west.
[*Spoilers for 5.9 ahead!]
At the funeral, some of the gang reminisce about old times as they look at pictures. Back then, it seems everyone was having fun at the precinct, but Amy since McGinley had a more relaxed managing style.  She plans to make more of an effort to be less high strung and more laid back.
Meanwhile, Boyle is prying into Rosa’s love life. He noticed she hasn’t dated anyone since she broke up with Pimento earlier this season and wants to play wingman at the funeral. He believes sadness is a powerful aphrodisiac since in his experience, everyone cries during sex. However, Rosa is already seeing someone. Also, Holt meets with an old colleague and learns that he is on the short list to be commissioner and has an interview in a few days after they return back to NYC.

On the way to the airport, they happen to pass by Nakatomi Plaza. Although they’re on a tight schedule, they decide to stop by. If there is anything Jake fanboys over more than Skyfire, it’s Die Hard. He roams around like a kid in a candy story taking pictures where key moments of the movie occurred. When he’s finished on an empty floor that’s under construction, they try to leave but find out they are locked in. By the time they escape and reach the airport, they missed their flight. To add insult to injury, all flights have been grounded due to a huge winter storm.
In order to ensure Holt doesn’t miss his interview, Jake buys an old camper and they decide to make a cross country road trip. The driving starts off fine, but later find they are behind schedule due to a faulty speedometer. To compensate they won’t stop for bathroom breaks and just use the one in the RV. They second guess their decision after they are horrified when Scully uses it. In addition, they have been pushing their camper to the limit and it catches on fire.  Everyone is able to evacuate, but the vehicle soon explodes.  Luckily, Boyle has family in the area so they have a place to spend the night and come up with a new plan.

At his cousins’ place, Charles continues to probe Rosa about her new relationship. She succumbs and admits to him that she’s currently dating a woman and is bisexual. In the morning, Jake has a new plan. They can catch a flight on a cargo plane at a nearby airport to Philadelphia and head to New York from there. As they are being transported in a cattle trailer by Boyle’s family, they are pulled over by the police. Apparently, the cop received an anonymous tip that drugs were being moved in a gray bovine transport unit.
That was the clue that Holt has been sabotaging the entire trip back home. Only a robot like him would use those words to describe a trailer. He had been manipulating everyone and purposely trying to delay the journey so he would miss his interview. Referencing events from episode 2, Holt reveals to his officers that he is compromised and is afraid what might happen if he became commissioner. He owes the biggest mobster of the city, Seamus Murphy, a favor in exchange for freeing Jake and Rosa from jail.
When all seems lost, Amy comes to the rescue. Though she has been trying to be chill all episode, that’s not her true self. She returns to her normal high-strung self and comes up with an intricate itinerary and plan to return home in time for Holt’s interview. Following a quick travel montage following Santiago’s precise plan, Holt makes his meeting and the entire team will all handle the responsibility of managing Murphy when the time calls for it.
This episode, like the Halloween ones, show how diabolical and devious Captain Holt can be.  He knew Jake could not resist visiting Nakatomi Plaza once he saw it. He sneakily kicked away the door stop in order to be locked on the abandoned floor. He blew up the RV using cheese puffs. He even made Scully stink up the camper. He’s such a mastermind pulling on strings and placing the pieces in the correct places in order to delay the trip. It’s just a good thing he’s one of the good guys.
Furthermore, this episode was very fun as it had many call backs to the first season. They brought back their old captain through pictures, Jake performed his Robo-Holt impersonation (Beep, Morp, Zeep), and Amy even performed her victory dance as her meticulous plan brought Holt successfully back for his interview. It was very fitting to have so many references included for the special 99th episode.
My favorite three lines:
Jake:  I tried everything.  I begged.  I pleaded.  I even told them Scully was a Make-A-Wish kid with a rare disease that makes him look like a giant old baby.
Rosa:  Did you call it Scullyosis?
Jake:  Damn it, Rosa.  That was really good and completely useless to me now.
Hitchcock:  All my dreams start with my step-sister painting her house.
Jake: And they end with the house looking great?
Hitchcock:  No, sex.
Terry:  We’re going to miss our flight.  I should be sitting next to a semi-famous person that I can’t quite place right now.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday nights at 9:30PM on Fox.

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